Our Friends Around Arenal

Yes, we have many friends here with something to offer visitors to the area.

Arenal Kayaks. Best way to experience Lake Arenal is by kayak with some of our personal friends. Glide peacefully across the water to small lake islands to look for colorful shards of ancient pottery or skim the shoreline for water birds. There is always time for a cool dip in the lake too.

Hotel La Rana, If you are a nature lover, here you will find a large green area where you can come to relax and appreciate many types of birds while having breakfast or relaxing with a beverage in the afternoon. 

Finca Cote, A 416acre farm FOR SALE on Lake Cote, Costa Rica.


Fishing In Arenal, a site dedicated to fishing in the Arenal area. Contains a list of guides, tournament information, and other useful info about fishing around Arenal.

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